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Proportional Transmission Controller DESCRIPTIONThe MCE101A Proportional Transmission Controller (PTC) is primarilyused with a hydrostatic transmission driven by a diesel/gas engine orelectric motor. The purpose is to match the engine and transmissionoperating characteristics in order to optimize power consumption orregulate vehicle performance. The control can be set to preventinternal combustion engine stall or electric motor overload by control-ling the swashplate position of the hydrostatic pump through changesin voltage to the pump's Electrical Displacement Control (EDC).In a typical application, the PTC (Forward-Acting) senses engine RPMand proportionally reduces voltage to the EDC valve on the hydrostaticpump to reduce the machine's forward speed. By automaticallyreducing the ground speed, engine stall is prevented and productivityis increased.A common application of the PTC (Reverse-Acting) monitors electricmotor current with a transducer and reduces the output to the EDC assetpoint is exceeded

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This controller: 12 VDC 1. AMP     SN0100383