Parker 2-Way Normally Closed, 1/4" NPT General Purpose Solenoid Valves | #71215SN2QN00N0C111C2

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Parker 2-Way Normally Closed, 1/4" NPT Solenoid Valves provide operating pressures up to 600 PSI and flow factors up to 2.5 CV's. They offer multiple body materials, mounting positions and coil options for all general purpose flow control applications.

Technical Specifications

Orifice 1 Size (inch): 5/32
Voltage (V): 24 VDC
Body Material: Stainless
Seal Material: NBR
Flow Factor 1 (Cv): 0.4
Power (Watts): 10 Watts (DC)
Coil Type: 1/2" Conduit, 18" Leads
Product Series: 7000 Series
Valve Type: 2-Way
Function: Normally Closed
Port Size: 1/4 inch
Input Voltage: 24 VDC
Body Material: Stainless
Seal Material: NBR
Orifice 1 Size: 5/32 inch
Flow Coefficient 1: 0.4 Cv
Power Consumption: 10 Watts (DC) W
Coil Type: 1/2" Conduit, 18" Leads
Maximum Pressure Differential: 60 psi (DC) psi
Number of Ports: 2
Actuation Type: Direct Acting
Media: General Purpose for Air, Liquids and Gases
Port Type: NPT
Orifice 2 Size: n/a
Flow Coefficient 2: n/a
Minimum Pressure Differential: 0 psi
Minimum Fluid Temperature: 0 °F
Maximum Fluid Temperature: 185 °F
Coil Specifications Met: NEMA 4X



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