PARKER CM2PPV 55 Hydraulic Check Sandwich Valve

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Hydraulic Check Sandwich Valve.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 5000 PSI
  • Mounting Type: Subplate
  • Size: NFPA D03; CETOP 3; NG6
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 20 GPM
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +140
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -4
  • Actuation Type: Hydraulic Pressure
  • Cracking Pressure: 5 psi
  • Port Connection: P Port Check
  • Size: NFPA D03; CETOP 3; NG6
  • Seal Material: Fluorocarbon
  • Product Style: Sandwich Check Valve
  • Body Material: Steel
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 5000 psi, 345 bar
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 20 Gal/min, 76 L/min
  • Media: Oil
  • Mounting Type: Subplate

Parker’s CM series check valves provide an integral, full flow check valve in the pressure 'P' port, 'A' port, 'B' port, or the tank 'T' port of the directional valve. Reverse flow is blocked. The CM2 and CM3 sizes offer a combination P&T check version.