BOSCH REXROTH DBDS 30 G1A/150E R901103357 Pressure Relief Valves

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New, old stock. BOSCH REXROTH DBDS 30 G1A/150E R901103357 Pressure Relief Valves.


Rexroth R901103357

Pressure valves: DBD* 30 G,P1



The Bosch Rexroth DBDS30G1X/150E (R901103357) is a high-performance pressure relief valve designed to maintain system pressure within safe limits. This direct operated seat valve is crucial for limiting system pressure and ensuring the smooth operation of hydraulic systems. The DBDS30G1X/150E consists of a sleeve, spring, and a poppet with a damping piston or ball, depending on the pressure rating required for the application. It allows for stepless adjustment of system pressure through an adjustment type mechanism, which is designed to prevent loss during operation. The valve operates by utilizing the spring force to hold the poppet or ball against the seat until the system pressure exceeds the set value. When this occurs, the poppet or ball lifts off its seat allowing fluid from channel P to flow into channel T, thus relieving excess pressure. The stroke of the poppet is precisely controlled by embossing within the valve structure. To cater to varying operational requirements, Bosch Rexroth has divided the entire pressure range into different ratings, each corresponding to a specific spring designed for maximum operating pressures achievable with that spring. The DBDS30G1X/150E is available in different versions including Type DBDS..KX for poppet seat valves and Type DBDH..KX for ball seat valves. Additionally, this model comes with various adjustment types including sleeves with hexagon and protective cap, rotary knobs, hand wheels, and lockable rotary knobs for precise control over pressure settings. The valve can be installed as a screw-in cartridge valve or used in threaded connections and subplate mounting configurations. It has been engineered to deliver reliable performance with a maximum operating pressure capability outlined by its component series X designation.